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BRN Radio

Installing Christian Radio Stations Worldwide
Providing Broadcasting Content to Radio Stations Worldwide
Proclaiming the Gospel 24/7 via Internet Broadcasting

BRN Broadcasting

People around the world can tune in to our broadcasting in their own language. They can listen via an affiliate AM, FM, or Shortwave radio station, a smartphone, or the internet.

Broadcast Resources

In working with churches and missionaries around the world, we have found there is not a quick resource for them to go to for radio programming for their stations. It is our burden to fill that gap by providing a large library of quality radio broadcasts for them to draw from. We are systematically working to accumulate material in multiple languages in order to help churches and missionaries get their stations on the air quickly without having to give up time spent personally in the field.  Time is short; people need to hear now of what Christ has done for them.  Part of our strategy in accomplishing this includes mailing briefcase recording studios to missionaries around the world to collect preaching and Bible studies in other languages. If you are a Christian radio station and are in need of broadcasting, please contact us via phone or email.

Broadcast Editing

We help develop and edit radio programs for churches and missionaries. It is our burden to produce Christian radio programing that will last for generations to come. If we can help you in any way please let us know.


BRN Sermons

BRN Sermons is a world-wide network of sermons and audio material from Baptist churches and ministries. This makes BRN Sermons distinctively Baptist in message and global in outreach. Independent and fundamental Baptists around the world can enjoy Biblical preaching from like-minded preachers, evangelists, and missionaries.

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We enable non-profit organizations, churches, and missionaries to immediately put their best foot forward with a robust and effective online presence that increases ministry opportunities.

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