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BRN provides Christian Music and Programming to reach the unreached around the world with the Gospel of Jesus.


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You can listen to BRN on your iPhone, Android, or listen on your Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, Roku, and several other devices.


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BRN plays your favorite Programs and Music in 24 languages. BRN Sermons is your one stop for great preaching!


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Do you need help in extending your ministry to the uttermost parts of the earth using radio, web, and media?


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BRN Projects

Below you will see the current and recent projects that Baptist Radio Network is involved in around the globe. Please pray that the unreached will hear the Gospel through these projects!

  • Bible Languages Project

    Bible Languages Project

    We have been given the Bible in audio format in 21 different languages. We are currently digitizing and editing the audio from the cassette tapes and CDs.

  • Future Online Radio Stations

    Future Online Radio Stations

    Please pray with us as we gather content for future streams in other languages. Our goal is to offer as many streams as possible so that all will be able to hear.

  • Native American Radio Project

    Native American Radio Project

    We are burdened to reach the Native American Indians through Christian Radio. Working together with missionaries in the field, we have a unique opportunity to set up terrestrial and internet radio stations on reservations through the United States.

  • Restricted Area Content Delivery

    Restricted Area Content Delivery

    The Lord has given us many open doors in closed countries to deliver Christian broadcasting in a way that individuals can listen and learn of Christ and grow as Christians.

  • WTGF Lightning Repair

    WTGF Lightning Repair

    WTGF is a great Christian Radio Station that is located in the Pensacola, Florida area. During May of this year the station suffered a major lighting strike. We immediately headed down and began to uncover the problems.

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Listener Testimonies

  • I just want to let you know what a blessing Baptist Radio Network is. I have it as my home page on my laptop so that as soon as I turn on the computer in the morning, BRN is playing the kind of music that encourages our hearts. We are thankful for the godly music, the Baptist emphasis, and the KJV scriptural stand you take. I pray God will continue to bless your ministry as you continue to be a blessing to others.
  • I just wanted you to know that I listened online to BRN today and it was SUCH A BLESSING TO ME!! Seriously. It's amazing what Godly, uplifting music does to you! Thank you so much for your ministry!
    United States
  • I really like to tune in to catch Pacific Garden Mission - Unshackled.  I grew up listening to that show in the 70's. Later in life, after I'd given up trying to figure out how to find God, He found me, just like many of those testimonies on that show!  Also, I've been enjoying the rest of the programming including the audio spoken word. Thank you so much for starting this ministry.
  • I really enjoy the music when I am at work!
  • I appreciate and enjoy very much your instrumental music broadcast, streamed at "BRN3"!

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